At the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture, Crawford Theatre
Friday, December 20 at 6:30pm and Saturday, December 21 at 2 & 5:30pm

Scene 1: The Party
Clara is about to hostess her first formal party. All the neighborhood children are invited to attend the festivities, which includes gifts, dancing, and most exciting, a mysterious Magician. The Magician, a very clever man who could mend clocks and watches, is even known for inventing toys. Clara has heard stories of glittering dolls twirling, just like real people. She couldn’t wait to see what he would bring to the party! Little could she know how special of a gift he was to bring to her... a Nutcracker doll, made especially for her.

Scene 2: The Dream Begins
Clara goes to bed with the whole enchanting evening playing over again and again in her mind. She falls into a restless sleep and begins to dream. A fierce Winter Wind comes in though the window, soaring and twisting around her bed. Suddenly the Wind blows open the doors to Clara’s wardrobe and Rats surge out into her bedroom. After teasing Clara, the Rats make their move and snatch the Nutcracker away from her. Time seems to move in slow motion as Clara must decide what to do. She feels drawn to follow her beloved Nutcracker, in spite of the Rats, into the wardrobe.

Scene 3: The Palace
When Clara emerges from the wardrobe again she finds herself in a beautiful palace in the Land of the Sweets. There, she is greeted by the Sugar Plum Fairy, her court attendants the Jewels, and the many colorful residents. The Sugar Plum Fairy had been keeping Clara’s Nutcracker doll safe and sound, waiting for her arrival into the Land of the Sweets, so that she may transform the wooden doll into a real life Nutcracker Prince. The wardrobe becomes a throne for Clara and her now Prince, and a celebration is thrown in their honor.

Scene 4: The Garden
At the end of the evening, the Gingerbread Children lead Clara and the Nutcracker Prince into a magical flower garden where gilded petals dance in overlapping waves, weaving intricate patterns and forming neat bouquets. Clara dances in the garden with an especially beautiful Rose while Dewdrops glisten around them and Garlands of flowers, in every imaginable color, embrace her.

Scene 5: The Snow
Clara and the Nutcracker Prince watch as the Woodland Animals play near the edge of the woods. As it begins to snow Clara and her Prince finally have a moment to themselves to have a heart to heart conversation. Suddenly, the fierce Winter Wind returns, bringing with it the Snow Queen who creates a swirling waltz with her shimmering Snowflakes. As dawn breaks, the Nutcracker Prince disappears into the snow. Clara is left waking from her dream, holding her Nutcracker doll.