Pre-Professional Class 2016-2017

Ms. Christine Austin taught Advanced Ballet Technique with Pointe & Variations. Included in the Pre-Pro classes were injury prevention, dance history and a conditioning component that focused on strengthening the core. The class finished up the year with research and a presentation on dance history.


What they are saying

I liked having the opportunity to dance 4 more hours a week and it really helped to strengthen my technique. 


Age 17

I really enjoyed having the next level of training multiple times a week, it definitely helped me to improve a lot. 


Age 16

I enjoyed having the extra classes and the conditioning to stay in shape. I feel like over the course of this class my technique has vastly improved. 


Age 15

I loved having the extra class time to work on my technique, and the history aspect was so interesting! I really learned a lot this year from Pre Pro.


Age 17

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