Technical / Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Friday, May 18: ON THE STAGE

11am~12pm Friday Creative Dance classes 10am & 11am

4:00pm - 5:15pm Intermediate Modern

5:30pm - 6:45pm Ballet 4 & Pre~Pro

6:45pm - 8pm TEEN / Adv. Cont. / Student work

IN THE STUDIO (on Friday)

**4:15pm - 5:15pm Ballet Class for Ballet 4 & Pre~Pro**

** 5:15pm possible extra rehearsal Intermediate Modern TBA**

Saturday, May 19: ON THE STAGE

10am - 10:45am Creative Dance (Tuesday class only) & Pre~Ballet (Monday)

10:45 - 11:30am Ballet 1 (Wednesday) & Ballet 2 (Wednesday)

11:30 - 12:30pm Modern FUNdamentals (Thursday) & Ballet 1/2 (Tuesday)

12:30 - 1:30pm Ballet 2/3 & Ms. CA privates

1:30 - 2:15pm Ballet 3

3:15pm Company warm~up class on stage

IN THE STUDIO (on Saturday)

**11:30am - 12:30pm Ballet 2/3 & 3 Ballet Class with Ms. Christine**


Saturday, May 19: Call time for the show is 4:30pm

HAIR/Makeup: I know your dancer is feeling proud of their dance

achievements and feeling good in their costume. Please take some

pride in having their hair look nice. All dancers’ hair should be

neatly secured off face. You may use braids, twists or other creative

ideas and decorative hair pieces. Ballet 2, 3, 4, & Advanced dancers

need to have “buns”. For makeup…keep it simple

All ballet levels will need pink ballet slippers and pink tights.

We will be using The Dance Center studio as a dressing room for:

  • Creative Dance, PreBallet, Ballet 1, and Ballet 1/2

  • Ballet levels 2, 3, 4 with Modern & TEEN will be dressing in the Green Room

Sign Up

All Classes must have dressing room / backstage help!

I have sign~up sheets at the studio or you can let me know via

email. Helpers will get detailed written instructions & should

be present at Technical / Dress Rehearsal to “learn the ropes”.

The Performance is approximately 1 hour long.

Please be respectful and enjoy the entire show. Dancers are finished

when the performance is over, not after their individual dance.

Creative Dance, PreBallet, Ballet 1 & Ballet 1/2 should be picked up

in the studio after the performance.

FLOWER Bouquets & Dance Wear Swap Please volunteer 

Build Flower Bouquets: Friday May 18th, 10am

Outside the studio
It goes quickly with volunteers

As you may or may not know, it is customary to give your

dancer a flower bouquet at their performances.

The TDC Angels will be selling flower bouquets in the lobby

before the show.

Proceeds from sales goes towards merit and need based

scholarships for TDC students.

The Angels could use your help to assemble the bouquets.

We will be all set up and ready for helpers on. This is always a fun little project and usually wrapped up in

under an hour with enough hands.

Also…we will be having a Spring Dance Wear Swap & Boutique in the lobby outside the theater, before the show all day Saturday. Maybe you have something to donate or can sign~up for a boutique shift.