Tutu Cool

At the Ellen Theatre

Saturday, April 15 , 2017 at 7pm

Bozeman’s historic Ellen Theatre will burst with the excitement the evening of April 15, as Tutu Cool, a high energy, collaborative performance of ballet, modern
and contemporary dance takes the stage at 7 p.m. for
one performance.


Tutu Cool is a Montana Dance Collective and this year’s performance will feature exciting works by both local and out-of-town choreographers and dancers.


“Paquita" restaged by Christine Austin, Anna Hall, Deborah Yarington,The Dance Center, Bozeman. Historical ballet from 1846.

“Faith” choreographed by Piper Flair, Bozeman Dance Academy, Bozeman. “...the motivation for this piece is one of sheer joy, to dance for the sake of dance, and to just have fun!”

“Reminiscence” by Melissa Dawn independent choreographer, Bozeman. “A reminiscence is by definition not just a memory, but a memory shared.”

"Seasons", "Seeking Refuge" & "Little Sparrow" by Terpshichore Dance Company, Billings.

“Asylum” by Nina Tucciarelli, independent choreographer, Bozeman. This piece features six dancers and “explores feelings of hopelessness and anxiety when one is shunned and feared
by society.”

“Resist” by Suzann Kienast-Brown, independent choreographer, Bozeman. This piece “explores the idea of resistance: the refusal to accept or comply with something; the impeding, slowing, or stopping effect exerted by one material on another.”

“Distant” choreographed by Alexey Kulpin, Motion Arts Dance Company, Billings. A contemporary ballet set to the music of Osso and Sufjan Stevens.

“At the First Light of Dusk” choreographed by Leigh Schanfein, Motion Arts Dance Company, Billings. Ballet set to the music of Claude Debussy.

“Waves of Surrender” choreographed by Katy Ross Raczkowski, Kadosh Dance Company, Bozeman. The dancers explore “their own struggles and triumphs regarding inevitable juxtapositions: Trust vs. Fear, Release vs Resistance, Freedom vs Enslavement.”

“Giselle” excerpts restaged by Kathleen Rakela with dancers from the Yellowstone Ballet, Livingston, and The Dance Center and Bozeman Dance Academy.  Historical ballet from 1841.


Tutu Cool is definitely a must see for all dance lovers!

Tickets are available at the Ellen Theatre website (http://www.theellentheatre.com/pages/tickets_legal.html),

$19 for adults and $9 for age 2-12.