The Dance Center Performing Ensemble is delighted to present the famous symphonic fairy tale for children, ‘Peter and the Wolf’ to the Bozeman community.  Originally written by Sergei Prokofiev in 1936, a narrator tells the story, while the orchestra and dancers illustrate it.  This production will be the first time Bozeman audiences have seen this timeless classic.

‘Peter and the Wolf’ was written not only with the intent to introduce children to the individual instruments of the orchestra, but also gave the composer an opportunity to express his impressions about the nature of life.  This is a great example of the Arts reflecting and exploring the culture and society of one’s time.  Prokofiev’s story of Peter and the Wolf were meant to promote the pioneer virtues such as vigilance, bravery and resourcefulness.  With a theme of stubbornness of the older generation and the triumph of youth and taming nature. 

The Characters                                            Depicted by
Grandfather.. wise but grumpy                           bassoons
fearless and resourceful                            string instruments
the Cat..
sly and a tad hungry                              clarinet
the Duck..
perky and a bit silly                            oboe
the Bird..
cheerful and helpful                             flute
the Wolf.. 
big and bad                                        french horns
strong and determined                        woodwinds & drums


Our hope is that you would like to have TDC’s
Performing Ensemble
to your school to present a
free performance of 'Peter and the Wolf' with an
open discussion time to follow. 

Our production of ‘Peter and the Wolf’ will be ready
to tour the Bozeman community by April of 2020. 
This show is a Bozeman first!!

The entire presentation should take around 45

Please contact TDC to schedule a free, entertaining,

and educational performance of 'Peter & the Wolf'
by email or phone (406.920.1247).