June Summer Camps

June 5-8:  Fantasy Adventure for ages 3 1/2 -5.

Join us in the imaginary world of dance, telling stories and expressing  feelings through dance.

9:30-am-12:30pm.  Cost is $130.

June 12-15:  Famous Ballerinas & Variations for ages 9-12.

Learn about history’s most loved ballerinas and the solos they performed.

9:30-am-12:30pm.  Cost is $130.

June 19-22:  Great Story Ballets for ages 6-8.

Learn the great ballet classics including Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia, Swan Lake, Snow White and The Nutcracker.

9:30am-12:30pm.  Cost is $130.


August Summer Camps

August 14-17:  Ballet Boot Camp for ages 8-11.

Join us to get in shape for the upcoming dance year!

10am-1pm.  Cost is $130.

August 21-24:  FAB Week (Focus on Advanced Ballet).

These are great classes for the advanced dancer to concentrate on the complexities and subtleties of ballet technique.

10am-1pm.  Cost is $130.


June Weekly Classes

Intermediate Ballet - ages 9~12. 
Tuesday & Thursday - 5-6pm.

8 classes for $80 or $15 drop-in.

Advanced Ballet - ages 12 & up.  
Tuesday & Thursdays - 6-7:30pm.

8 classes for $120 or $20 drop-in

Modern/Contemporary -ages 10 & up.  Wednesday - 7-8pm.

4 classes for $40 or $15 drop-in.


Teaching Advance Ballet in June!